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FTTH Innovations 

Oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions Completes Triple Play

We were eager to take on the FTTH (Fiber to the Home) challenge when Planters Telephone Cooperative, serving Southeast Georgia, asked us to supply a custom product in their deployment of a triple play of phone, data and video service installation network.  Our solution was to replace above ground copper and fiber pedestal plant enclosures with flush to grade Hybrid Design HDPE-Polymer Concrete grade level enclosures to house terminal and splice case components.

To reduce build costs, the project utilized a single Hybrid HDPE body design vault with interchangeable cover configurations.  Our lightweight vaults allowed for quicker and easier installation, as well as lowering inventory space requirements for added savings.

The success of the Planters Telephone installation has led to additional custom solutions for other FTTH projects. 

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