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We offer an extensive selection of plastic, concrete, polymer concrete and composite enclosures in sizes from 6” round through 3’x5’x5’ vaults to serve the Electric Utility industry.    Our underground enclosures and pull boxes are strong and durable and preferred by industry professionals throughout the United States. 

  Plastic Boxes, Handholes and Vaults

Our CARSON® line of plastic enclosures are the broadest and most complete line offered in the industry. From the 6" round up through the 3' x 5' x 5' vault, we have the right size enclosure for your needs. With 40 years experience and nationwide distribution to serve you, we provide the product of choice. Carson brand enclosures are specified and preferred by industry professionals.

  Concrete Boxes

Our CHRISTY® and BROOKS® concrete meter products provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for the in-ground construction of utilities. For over 40 years, the Christy brand utility box has been the proven concrete underground enclosure for municipalities and cities throughout the United States. The box is manufactured to the highest industry standards, at manufacturing plants quality certified by the National Precast Concrete Association. The exclusive Hardhat Plastic Cap™ feature is molded into the concrete box during the manufacturing process, creating a durable, dimensionally consistent, and aesthetically superior top surface suitable for parkway, sidewalk, and greenbelt applications.

  DUO MOLD® Polymer Concrete Boxes

Our SYNERTECH® brand of DUO MOLD® polymer boxes combine the exceptional strength and durability of High Density Polymer Concrete with the tough and lightweight qualities of Sheet Molding Compound to create exceptional equipment enclosures. Combining the two patented materials with a patented manufacturing process, our SYNERTECH® products represent the toughest and lightest underground enclosures on the market today. Sizes range from 11x18x12 to 36x60x72 with SCTE Tier 15 performance load rating.

  H-Series Polymer Boxes

H-Series Polymer Concrete is produced using a precise dry mix of select gravel, sand, and calcium which is bound with resin and a fiberglass mat. This mixture and our new manufacturing process results in high flexural and tensile strength yet maintains the lowest weight.

  FIBRELYTE® Composite Boxes

FIBRELYTE®'s exclusive formulation of polyester resin, fiberglass and calcium carbonate yields lightweight, high strength products. This proprietary composite material is stronger, easier to handle and much lighter than concrete, saving both time and money during installation, service work and transportation. Sizes include 9" round up to 17"x 30" with up to a SCTE Tier 8 performance rating.

  Polymer Pads

Our lightweight Polymer Concrete Equipment Pads have great strength to weight ratios and have pre-installed mounting hardware that eliminates the inconsistency found in traditional cabinet pads. Contractors prefer our designs for ease of installation and because no additional equipment is required for lifting the pads into position. These pads are used for transformers, traffic signals, secondary power supplies and communication cabinets.

  Plastibeton Cable Trench (PBCS)

The Plastibeton Channel System is utilized by power, utility, railroad and transit companies throughout North America to contain, protect and allow easy access to power, control, signal, communication, and fiber optic cables. Made of a unique, patented High Density Polymer Concrete, the cable trench system offers flexibility and strength, as well as exceptional resistance to freeze/thaw conditions.

DUO Trench

DUO Trench is a durable, lightweight pedestrian rated channel system to contain and protect power, control, signal, communication and fiber optic cables.



TruFire Walls

When fire containment is absolutely imperative, TruFireWalls™ are your solutions. TruFire Walls have sufficient impact resistance to survive shrapnel inpingement and are capable of ballistic impact resistant. Built to take the heat:  surpassed both the required 4 hour fire exposure test and the 45 psi water jet blast test at 1,960 degrees F.


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