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Enclosure Solutions
1002 15th Street SW
Auburn WA, 98001
Phone: (800) 735-5566
Fax: (800) 827-7111
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Distribution Map 

New Purchase Orders- Please send your purchase order to the following email address depending on the Market. A confirmation copy will be emailed once the order has been entered.


OPI-Electric@oldcastle.com Toll Free # East Coast & Centeral 800-421-1660 or West Coast 800-521-6554

OPI-Water@oldcastle.com Toll Free # 877-250-5139

OPI-Communications@oldcastle.com Toll Free # 800-735-5566

OPI-Irrigation@oldcastle.com Toll Free # 800-509-6150

OPI-NorthernCalifornia@oldcastle.com Toll Free # 800-486-7070


Click on a State or Star for more details

Vancouver 800-509-6150Tracy 209-820-2100     Madera 800-486-7070Riverside 888-683-6595Phoenix 800-251-2810Houston 800-521-6554Acworth 877-974-7322Morrisville 877-250-5139         Acworth 877-974-7322Candiac, QC 888-868-5214Napoleon 877-225-9399Medley, FL  800-421-1660

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